FAQ (technically, just AQ)

Believe it or not, there was actually some kind of demand for an FAQ section. Here it is:

Q: What does spippy mean?
A: Spippy was my goldfish. I had about 4 spippys over about 10 years. The bravest of them was spippy the 4th, who survived the journey from Calgary to Vancouver in a canning jar on the lap of my friend Brendan for 12 hours. He lived about 4 years total I think. Not bad for a feeder fish.

Q: What about the symbol?
A: Uh, it's my fish. What part of answer #1 weren't you listening to?

Q: It looks kind of like the WWJD fish. Any relation?
A: No.

Q: Is there any sort of spiritual or symbolic significance?
A: No.


Q: Why can't I see any of the content that you claim is on this site?
A: Because you need to register first.

Q: Why require registration?
A: Paranoia.

Q: I tried registering, but I never got a response and couldn't log in. What happened?
A: Either you didn't give me enough info to know who you are, so I rejected you, or I forgot. If I don't approve a registration, you can't log in. You're battling against my elitism and my laziness just to get in here.

Q: Is it worth all the work to get in here and see the content?
A: I barely find it worth it. I don't know what you'll get out of it.

Q: Do you actually have content that you think should be protected?
A: Not really. See the "Why require registration" answer

Q: Why have a website at all?
A: I got sick of changing e-mail addresses all the time, and it was before g-mail.